Safety Boots That I am Happy to Wear AWAY from the Office

In my job I am sometimes required to spend time on the factory shopfloor, and that means I need to wear safety boots.

My employers are fairly enlightened, and let us buy our own, the cost of which we can then claim back. 

That's pretty neat, I am sure you will agree, but the fact remains that most safety boots are ugly and heavy, and just not the sort of footwear that you would ever wear by choice.

Not any more, or at least not for me, I finally found a pair that are great looking and comfortable too, check em out here:

The are the 'Sterling Crazy Horse Waterproof Safety Boot', and as you can see, they look wicked. I got them from Safety Boots Online (now known as 'the boot seller'), reasonable price (£48.94 when I got them, YMMV) and delivered promptly.

They look like they will last a lifetime, solid but flexible, and are as light as I could hope for given their 'safety boot' heritage.

I actually wore them when hiking near Ullswater this weekend, and despite them being new, had no blisters or discomfort.

Of course, there is some safetywear that you would never get me wearing outside work, for example, one of these safety helmets.

Its not that I am against them in principle, it's just that yellow doesn't suit me ;)